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Beginning to end, integrated state of the art technologies that streamline the litigation process from intake to final disbursement and from the first request for documents to the last jury instruction. Track and verify electronic delivery of notice and other important communications. Crivella West provides one integrated system ending discontinuity, the patchwork of separate systems and silos of important litigation information. Includes: Early Claim Risk Assessment, Proactive Lien Risk Processing, Discovery Analytics, Settlement Master. Scientific assessment of the factual record for valuation of potential or active grievances, administrative claims and litigation cases to build a solid foundation for successful outcomes. Crivella West’s scientists, assisted by powerful proprietary analytical systems and technologies, allow early case assessment with meaningful and consistent evaluation of case strengths and weaknesses. State of the art analytics and automation allow for the identification of risks and provide the groundwork related to lien and litigation subrogation interests early in the litigation process. Crivella West’s patented Total Case Management system integrates proactive lien risk processing by providing a single system accessible to all critical parties with up to the minute information thereby avoiding settlement delays and the associated frustrations.

Discovery Analytics

Settlement Master

Strategic Action Planning

Crivella West combines advanced discovery analytics, and its staff’s skills in computational methods and advanced search and retrieval to be a critical partner in many of the nation’s most complex litigations. Our computational techniques and technology replaces old fashioned brute force methods allowing for dramatic improvement in accuracy and consistency. Streamlining the process of discovery allows experienced counsel to control the case and dramatically decreasing costs and time spent in discovery efforts. Settlement due diligence - for both the large and small litigation settlement processes. Crivella West systems use advanced analytics and automation to assimilate timely and consistent information. Our capacity coupled with the necessary expertise and systems technologies shorten the time for financial disbursement, streamline settlement processes and lower costs. Proven methodologies and experience in managing the risks of business and organizational change through developing comprehensive plans of action to support strategic change. Crivella West’s systematic methods have been used by many major corporate, governmental and institutional organizations as a means of developing road maps for strategic change in pursuit of senior management goals.

Risk Transfer Management

Digital Scholarship and Academic Computing

Crivella West makes it easier for corporate clients to capitalize on opportunities to transfer financial risks to insurance underwriters and contracted parties by employing its advanced systems and noticing technologies to successfully achieve and verify the risk transfers. Crivella West’s technology enables vendor risk transfer ratings and identifies opportunities for improvement of risk transfer contract language and risk transfer vehicles. Comprehensive risk management solutions serve as a foundation of Crivella West core business and technological developments. Crivella West has collaborated closely for over a decade with major universities to create research focused academic digital libraries that use Crivella West invented analytical systems and methods. Proprietary technology combined with university and privately held digital collections has been used for academic research projects and the development of instructional methods to introduce computational analytics and refined core computational methods. Crivella West's Knowledge Kiosk serves as the platform for graduate level course research and a technology for teaching courses.

Who We Are

Art Crivella and Wayne West founded Crivella West almost thirty years ago and were immediately recognized as industry thought leaders in devising methodologies for complex organizational change and the implementation of multiyear projects to deploy their recommendations. The installation of these improvements accomplished significant advances in cost reductions, quality enhancements and business performance. Crivella West’s leadership has spurred corporate capital investments of over $14 billion for modernizing and creating new business and manufacturing capabilities.

Crivella West has a proud history of developing new methods for advanced manufacturing, devising systematic approaches to organizational development, and creating some of the largest and widely recognized examples of integrated business and manufacturing decision support and control systems many of which are still in use today. In the last decade, Crivella West has developed and deployed its patented technologies, which anticipated and now serve as the foundation for the creation of virtual work centers.
The opportunity to redesign fundamental methods of performing work, work management and the ways that businesses deliver services and products has been the focus of our engineering efforts. These inventions and insights have advanced Crivella West to take a leading role in the ways that businesses and institutions manage risk, administrative and legal claims and litigation and conduct risk-focused work related to insurance coverage.

Since founding Crivella West, Mr. Crivella and Mr. West have had the privilege of shepherding major projects to completion for leading institutions including Corning Glass, Toshiba, Asahi, Samsung, U.S. Steel, Vale Inco, Voisey’s Bay Nickel Company, the United States Marine Corps, the United States Air Force, over 800 leading law firms, 50 academic institutions, and many others. Their success has led to the firm earning national recognition through the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and the ASME LEAD Award.

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