Crivella West Public Collections

The Public Collections are provided by Crivella West as a public service to give people access to primary source materials in a useful format so that they can be better informed in civil discourse. Our vision is to change the way people think, work and make decisions, and to empower investigators and analysts with modern methods for finding useful, actionable information.

Palin E-Mail collection

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Crivella West has now received the latest Governor Palin emails released by the State of Alaska. For the past three years Crivella West has hosted the Palin emails, as they have been produced, to allow the public access in a useful format. The State of Alaska has released two prior sets of emails and the combined collection totals almost 31,000 emails from Governor Palins term in office.

Bush White House

US Attorney Materials Collection

The Bush White House US Attorney Materials Collection includes over 5,400 pages of White House and Republican National Committee staff communications relating to the removal of eight sitting U.S. attorneys and over 700 pages of on-the-record transcripts of interviews between House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers and Karl Rove, who was Senior Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff, and Harriet Miers, who was White House Counsel. These documents serve as an excellent first person case study of 21st century political influence and decision making.