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Today’s demanding law practice must proactively face the reality that digital records are created and destroyed every second of every day. Critical answers are often buried in a chaotic mass of irrelevant e-mails, electronic documents, social media posts, and text messages. In a world of unlimited information, Crivella West extracts actionable knowledge. Our patented processes and technologies uncover the needle of truth in the haystack of trivia.

Our legal experts position the modern lawyer to identify knowledge gaps within cases, bridge corporate silos, and track true organizational communication flow and reporting structures. Unlike antiquated, traditional search methods, Crivella West’s progressive and interactive research platform empowers trial attorneys to leverage their own expertise to craft impactful legal arguments.

21st Century Litigation Solutions

Searching for answers, the modern litigator must infiltrate a labyrinth of electronic records. Crivella West arms its clients to conquer this challenge.

Corporate communications are fragmented in a web of e-mails, text messages, social network updates, chats, and voicemails. Cloud storage has eclipsed the archaic filing cabinet. Sensitive work files are accessed and stored on personal electronic devices, often bypassing corporate servers. Employees fluidly shift between projects and departments, making organizational charts difficult to recreate.

In this deluge of digital records, traditional discovery is ineffectual. Crivella West’s progressive and comprehensive case research platform facilitates rediscovery. We analyze disjointed email collections to uncover communication patterns. We recreate fragmented organizational charts to clarify reporting structures. An industry leader in discovery strategy, Crivella West enables our clients to navigate the discovery process with confidence.

The tempestuous waters of discovery can unexpectedly capsize a case. Without a strategic negotiation plan, crucial evidence is often confined in a tangle of inaccessible information. Crivella West empowers its clients to proactively target fruitful sources of discoverable information from the onset of litigation.

Recognizing the insufficiency of many discovery agreements, Crivella West developed the industry’s first Production Format Standard, a compilation of pragmatic recommendations regarding the form and format of Electronically Stored Information (“ESI”) and Physically Stored Information (“PSI”). The Production Format Standard is continuously refined to reflect developing case law and our intimate understanding of discovery.

As evidence is produced, Crivella West utilizes technical expertise and advanced analytics to leverage disparities in the producing party’s own information. We rapidly identify missing custodians, potential third party witnesses, and databases of discoverable information. Crivella West also identifies questionable privilege designations and redactions. Most importantly, we translate these informational asymmetries into a tangible legal advantage. Prior to a formal request for production, Crivella West ensures that critical information is adequately preserved through well-researched best practices. The expert attorneys at Crivella West position our clients to prevail in Court.

A successful deposition subtly weaves critical facts into the record. To truly excel, you must have a clear and comprehensive understanding of the witness. Like a lone match flickering in the dark, a witness’ produced documents reveal a mere fragment of the entire picture. Crivella West shines a powerful floodlight across the entire production, exposing a vivid and complete image of each witness. We thoroughly analyze the entire collection of discovery, leveraging the custodian’s communications and affiliations to accurately recreate everything she had access to. Crivella West delves far beyond the witnesses’ produced documents to reveal the true custodial file, empowering our clients to elicit meaningful information in a deposition.

Additionally, Crivella West’s process engineering methods segregate irrelevant and duplicate documents, allowing the deposition preparation team to engage in a purposeful review and focus exclusively on salient information.

Crivella West eschews traditional document coding in favor of thematic case research. We tailor research solutions to match the nuances of each case. As a result our clients can expertly explore the science, marketing and interpersonal dynamics that shapes the litigation. At the vanguard of discovery and litigation strategy, Crivella West positions our clients for success.