Crivella West Incorporated is an advanced analytics and investigational research company located in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. Founded in 1986 by co-founders Arthur Crivella and Wayne West, Crivella West is a thought leader in language analytics. The firmís roots in business modernization and process engineering, allow us unique insights in anticipating needs and bringing science and automation to professional services and scholarly and investigative research.

Powering investigations through advanced search and retrieval, we create and implement innovative technology and methods that revolutionize the way work is performed. Crivella West has assembled a diverse interdisciplinary staff that includes attorneys, linguists, information technology experts, process engineers, and business strategists to collaborate with our clients and create work product with an impact.


Art Crivella, CEO and Co- Founder, has over 30 years of experience as a businessman, designer, inventor and engineer. Art's discernment of some of the basic inequities and inefficiencies in the litigation process has led to many changes in the way the legal industry approaches discovery. Art is also on the leading edge in developing new processes and technologies for academic scholars and librarians. He has been invited to speak about the new era of digital research in the humanities at leading universities in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Art has served as an advisor or on boards of many community organizations, including the National Institute for Newman Studies, and First Night International.

Wayne West, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President, is an inventor and engineer with expertise in computer integrated manufacturing, process engineering, decision support systems, and automated text and language analytics. Wayne has been in a pioneer in the area of electronically stored information and specializes in taking theoretical challenges and developing real-world, robust, scalable solutions. Wayne currently leads the Crivella Westís team of linguists that develops processes and technologies to understand language use in business context along with expert systems that find language indicative of behavior, motive, and emotion.